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If you don't think we're a good fit for you, but still think chiropractic might help, we'll give you the names of other area chiropractors or doctors that we think can help you!  REALLY!

The faces of The Spine Worx...

DISCLAIMER:  If you're looking for "white-coat professionalism" and the high prices to go with it, you won't find either of those here!

We're chiropractors and we'll never pretend to be something we're not.  We work hard for the hardworking men and women of our community to get them the results they're after.  Our office is relaxed, our talk is plain, our services straightforward, and not everyone will like it here.  However, with over 30 years of practice experiences and almost a million visits of helping people achieve happier, healthier, better lives, our practice members tell us they're glad we are the way we are.

This is our promise to you: whenever and wherever we see you, you'll always be treated the same...like FAMILY. 

We can't wait to meet you!

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The Most Common Questions...Answered!

  • YES! Adjustments are only $15 (and acupuncture, too);
  • YES! You MUST have an appointment for your 1st visit; 
    YES!  You may use your HSA and FLEX SPENDING accounts for EVERYTHING here;
  • NO! We DO NOT accept ANY insurance of any kind (patients file their own insurance);
  • YES! Your 1st visit is only $97 INCLUDING: the consultation, examination, X-rays, relevant diagnostic studies, AND 1st adjustment;
  • YES! X-rays are required unless you have recent ones with you or you're pregnant;
  • YES! We accept medical referrals, but you don't need one to come here;
  • YES, we probably already work with YOUR doctor.

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We customize your care by drawing from our experience in over 32 adjusting technique systems, 25 massage techniques systems, 7 acupuncture systems, structural and functional rehabilitation, exercise programs, fitness and flexibility classes, nutrition and counseling all to provide you with the just the right approach AND stay within a budget.